Aldwick court farm wedding

Aldwick Court Farm wedding

Stephanie and David decided to have Aldwick Court Farm wedding. This delightful 17th-century family-run farm is set in over 300 acres of a beautiful estate, and is home to the largest vineyard in Somerset! The vineyard was the perfect backdrop for shots of the newlyweds. A relatively new wedding venue, Aldwick is situated in a charming rural setting but only twenty-five minutes of Bristol city centre. It’s perfect for brides and grooms who want to get away from the busy crowds of the South West, but don’t want to leave their city roots too far behind.

The bride and her party prepared for the day with Powder&Paint make-up in her mother’s home in Nailsea, giving things a really loving atmosphere. Two years ago, I photographed her sister’s wedding in the same place under a beautiful marquee. They even chose the same church – St Bridget’s Church in Chelvey – as Stephanie’s sister; it was a real family affair with a joyous feel, and I loved being able to go back and see so many familiar faces.

After the church service, Stephanie and David brought their guests back to Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, nestled in the Mendip countryside.

Following the wonderful speeches, I set up a photo booth on site for Stephanie and David and all their friends and family to enjoy. Nothing makes a wedding day like lovely, personal touches and this idea is always a huge hit. With music by Skinny Dippers and catering taken care of by Taste Buds, everything came together in perfect harmony and I left with a smile on my face.

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