Bath Wedding Photographer

bride and groom in front of bath assembly rooms

So, you’re searching for a Bath wedding photographer.  Congratulations, you’ve found one!  Getting to be a wedding photographer in Bath is always a pleasure.  I just can’t get enough of this amazing city and it’s not just me.  Bath attracts millions of visitors every year flocking to see the city’s famous Georgian architecture, historical baths, breath-taking landscape and modern culture.  Bath’s historical and architectural significance is such that it has been identified and protected as a World Heritage Site since 1987.

I am so lucky to provide Bath wedding photography to my couples.  Most wedding photographers don’t get to work at this historically rich, charming and world-famous Georgian city.

With it’s beautiful Bath stone buildings, regency architecture, luxurious manor houses and the pretty River Avon, Bath always has me spoilt for choice when it comes to offering up stunning backgrounds when photographing my brides and grooms.

So, whether you’re planning to have your wedding right in the middle of the city, or in a rural setting just a few miles out I know Bath.

I know the city, the spa, the iconic buildings, the regency hotels, the boutique hotels, the River Avon, the manor houses and farms.  I’ve photographed weddings at all of them.

bath wedding photographer capturing wedding couple at the roman baths

Bath wedding photography

bath wedding photography

I know exactly where and how to position myself.  I know how the light bounces of the sand stone architecture to light up my images.  I know how to capture the romantic sunset shots because I’ve told the story of endless Bath weddings through beautiful timeless images.

So if you’re planning your wedding in one of the stunning Bath’s Historic Venues or further afield and are looking for an experienced Bath wedding photographer then get it touch.  I’d love to hear about your wedding plans …