confetti of bride and groom with hindu wedding gown

Bristol Asian Wedding Photographer Somerset

I love shooting Asian weddings. What photographer could fail to be blown away by the colour, noise, movement and energy that Asian weddings bring? Another reason why I love working as a Bristol Asian wedding photographer in Somerset is that they are always so much fun with guests being so friendly and up for really enjoying the day.

Any Asian wedding always finishes with the most spectacular dinner and reception party which is a true feast not only for the eyes! What more could any Asian wedding photographer ask for?

Sikh Wedding Photography – Anand Karaj

sikh groom jumping holding hands with his wife at brympton house in somerset

A Sikh wedding day (or days!) has many traditions so your wedding photographer must understand this. For Sikh weddings, I will usually start early by shooting at the bride and groom’s houses, before moving onto the Gurdwara. The images I get from the Sikh wedding traditions are simply amazing whether it’s the father of the bride passing the scarf to his daughter, the groom on decorated horseback ready for the meeting of the families, or the groom being presented with the ceremonial sword.

When shooting Sikh wedding photography I always love the way the day builds up to end with spectacular music and dancing. My images of these Sikh wedding traditions will tell the story of your wedding.

Hindu Wedding Photography – Vivaah Samska

hindu groom arriving on white horse at brympton house

The bride’s family are at the heart of all Hindu weddings so I always make sure I speak with the bride to make sure I fully understand how the day will play out. There are many blessings and ceremonies in Hindu weddings. My favourite is the Saat Phere which means the seven steps around the fire. Couples pray for food, prosperity, strength, family, progeny, health, each other and for their lives together. It’s always a beautiful and emotional ceremony and a delight to capture in images.

The playing of games is also a tradition I love at Hindu weddings. This is always great fun with the bride, groom and all the guests up for having some fun. The images I capture during these games are always amongst my clients’ favourites of the day.

Muslim wedding photography – Nicah

muslim bride getting ready for the wedding with her sister

I love shooting Muslim wedding photography as Muslim weddings vary greatly due to differences in traditions and cultures. We, photographers, are obsessed with colour and light so a Muslim bride adorned in gold jewels and flowers makes such a fantastic change from the Western tradition of the bride wearing a white dress. Muslim weddings can be officiated by a Qazi and take place at a Mosque, which always makes a fantastic backdrop in photographs. As Islam has no official clergy any Muslim who understands Islamic tradition can officiate your wedding.

So weddings are sometimes officiated by a family member at a venue which makes them more unique. My favourite part of a Muslim wedding is giving a dowry (jahaz) to the groom.

Martin captured our fusion wedding at Brympton House in a natural and non-intrusive way. He is also very creative and our photos are just AWESOME!”

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