Brympton House Wedding

Spring wedding Brympton House

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I truly enjoy being part of Brympton House wedding and I love sharing photos of the amazing couples I work with. It’s so enjoyable going through the photographs and choosing which ones to share and thinking back over the fun memories. I especially like it when somebody sees my work and decides I am the photographer they need.

“Martin is an amazing photographer and we would thoroughly recommend him to any of our friends and family. He is really easy to work with, a genuinely nice guy and he really made sure our day was captured as we wanted. He came over to show us his work and offered loads of personal touches like the photo app and slideshow of the day. We look forward to our next shoot!” – Stu & Kat

Brympton House is a Medieval Manor house in Somerset. The ideal fairy-tale wedding venue near Yeovil. Considered to be the most beautiful house in England, the history of Brympton starts in the 13th Century when the land was purchased by the D’Evercy family. One of the most spectacular features of Brympton House is that we have a unique space for every part of your day, keeping your guests’ wowed all day long.

Spring wedding photography Brympton House

Almost two years ago I spent an incredible day photographing stunning Brympton wedding. Stuart and Katherine saw the images and got in touch; they’d be tying the knot at Brympton House too!

The weather was fantastic, everything you could ask for from a country house wedding; blue skies and fluffy white clouds drifting by like oversized confetti. I think my favourite photograph is the groomsman is the very stately hallway doing their very best stag impressions. It was the very image that won my first Fearless Photography Award.

There was live music in the evening (Funkty Dumpty) which is always a great way to entertain guests and, in my opinion, fills the dance floor so much faster. I’d also like to give credit where it’s due to Ellie and Liz from Tie the Knot who ensured the venue and flowers were as beautiful as they should be.

If you are considering a Brympton House wedding, please get in touch to discuss your Brympton house wedding photography requirements.

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