Top best 100 wedding photographers in the UK of 2016

best 100 wedding photographers uk

I am more than delighted to find out that I was included in top best 100 wedding photographers UK of 2016! I am also thrilled by all the supports from the brides and grooms who love my work and voted for me. Being listed as Top 100 Wedding Photographers in The UK of 2016 by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (YPWP) is no easy feat.

As a UK leading directory of the Best Wedding Photographers and Photography with over 1000 listed on their website, Your Perfect Wedding Photographer has round up the top 100 wedding photographers in the UK, based on the number of views and the amount of times favourited. The aim is to help couples find a photographer that matches their style and vision for their big day because every couple wants everything to be perfect on their wedding day. All photographers are manually approved ensuring they are of the highest quality in the league of the best professional wedding photographers in the UK.

Best 100 wedding photographers UK

As an award winning wedding photographer based in Bristol and working throughout the UK, I have been capturing incredible memories for my couples since 2009 and have since then photographed over 200 weddings. I am a member of the prestigious International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and my work has been featured in many wedding blogs and magazines.

While I am more than delighted to find out Martin Dabek Photography is listed in the best 100 wedding photographers in the UK list of 2016, I am equally thrilled by the supports from wonderful brides and grooms all over who have supported me.

If you are getting married in the UK and wedding photography is your high priority then please get in touch I would love to hear about your wedding plans and ideas.

Below are some of my favourite shots featuring wedding photography in lovely locations all over the UK and abroad.

best bristol wedding photography

Best of Bristol Wedding Photography 2016

To those looking for Best Bristol Wedding Photography in 2017 and beyond, here are the highlights from weddings that I had privilege to capture last year.

There’s never any strategy in mind for me when I’m picking photos for this post – and as usual I’m absolutely not saying these are the best photos I’ve ever taken, they’re just my personal favourites from the past 12 months for one reason or another.

In a year that’s taken me to London, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Devon, Somerset and Bristol obviously – there has been one constant. Love. It might sound like a cliche but it’s no less true if it is. It’s what sustains us all. It’s what we live for and search for.

Every single wedding below had something very special, and that was usually the two people at the centre.

 Best Bristol Wedding Photography 2016

It was lovely to work as Wedding Photographer Somerset and get to know new venues like Pennard House, Rockbeare Manor and Wellington Barn. It was an equally fun to photograph at the venues that have been recommending me over the years and where I work on regular basis: Priston Mill, Brympton House, Bristol Mansion House, Coombe Lodge, Roman Baths just to mention a few. Thanks a million!

Finally, a round up of the year wouldn’t be right without thanking all of the couples who decided to bring me along on their journey this year, I never underestimate that decision and the trust you guys have put in me, and I can’t thank you enough. If you’re already part of my plans for 2017 then I can’t wait! Have a great New Year everyone! I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

So here it is, a selection of 70 of my favourites wedding pictures from 2016!

If you would like to see my Best Bristol Wedding Photography from 2015 please click here.

Dillington house wedding photography

Dillington House wedding

Dillington house wedding photography

Dillington House wedding venue is a beautiful historic house surrounded by glorious gardens, sweeping lawns and magical woodland. It is set within the parkland of the Dillington Estate and is regarded as one of the most romantic and magnificent wedding venues in Somerset.

That was the main reason why Wedding Whispers magazine choose Dillington House to do a photo shoot for their new magazine cover. Thank you very much for all the fantastic suppliers involved, without you this wouldn't be possible:

Menswear: Anne Harding
Hairstylist: Tracy Pallari
Bridal accessories: Bridezillas
Models: Andrew & Katie
If you are considering a Dillington House wedding please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography requirements.

Dillington House Wedding

Dillington house wedding photography
Dillington house wedding photographyDillington house wedding photography-03Dillington house wedding photography-04Dillington house wedding photography-05Dillington house wedding photographyDillington house wedding photographyDillington house wedding photography-08Dillington house wedding photography-09Dillington house wedding photographyDillington house wedding photography-13Dillington house wedding photography-15Dillington house wedding photography

Photo shoot at Walton Castle

walton castle wedding_13

This week I'm bringing you a look at another shoot, and it's one that's a little more personal to me for a reason I'll explain in just  moment.

Walton Castle is absolutely beautiful, with its bright green grass and the historic brick buildings. It was idyllic, a wonderful day, made all the better by the fact that my very own wife, Anna, was the model. The wedding dress, courtesy of The White Collection, popped wonderfully against the backdrop of the castle, and the styling by Elizabeth Weddings complimented itself. The flowers by Tin Can Floral were, as always, lovely.

Walton Castle will be hosting its first wedding fayre on Sunday the 8th of March, and I will be exhibiting with them there. I'm so excited to be able to share in the day, and hope to see many of you there, too!

walton castle wedding_01walton castle wedding_02walton castle wedding_03walton castle wedding_04walton castle wedding_05walton castle wedding_06walton castle wedding_07walton castle wedding_08walton castle wedding_09walton castle wedding_10walton castle wedding_11walton castle wedding_12walton castle wedding_14walton castle wedding_15walton castle wedding_16walton castle wedding_17walton castle wedding_18walton castle wedding_19

West Weddings Shoot at The Moonraker Hotel

old manor hotel wedding_01

As much as I love the sincerity of a real wedding day, it's nice to branch out and try something new every now and then. It was a busy year for me in 2014, and I was booked day to day throughout July. Luckily, there was a moment's pause and I was happily able to join forces with West Weddings to bring you this photo shoot. It was a wonderful day all around.

On top of the team at West Weddings, I also got the chance to work with Kirsten of The Little Wedding Helper, who is a truly lovely woman and is brimming with ideas. The shoot took place at the Moonraker Hotel known as The Old Manor Hotel. The dresses were provided by Solitaire Brides, and every one was beautiful in its own way. Flowers came courtesy of Tin Can Floral, accessories by Bridezillas and hair and make up were thanks to Grace Kingsley.

Equally as stunning as the ladies, the menswear came from Anne Harding, and the delicious cakes were of Pretty Amazing Cakes. The two stars of our shoot were Dave and Stacey, and they really brought it all together.

It was such a gratifying experience, and getting to work with all of these wonderful people was so rewarding. In an industry like ours you never stop learning and I, for one, am thrilled to be a part of such an ever-changing world.

old manor hotel wedding_02old manor hotel wedding_04old manor hotel wedding_05old manor hotel wedding_06old manor hotel wedding_07old manor hotel wedding_08old manor hotel wedding_09old manor hotel wedding_10old manor hotel wedding_11old manor hotel wedding_12old manor hotel wedding_13old manor hotel wedding_14old manor hotel wedding_15old manor hotel wedding_16old manor hotel wedding_17old manor hotel wedding_18old manor hotel wedding_19old manor hotel wedding_20


Picture of the month: Stuart and groomsmen at Brympton House

PhotoDabek-Brympton House

I just find out that this picture won an International Fearless Award. Thank you to Stu and his groomsmen for allowing me to shoot this image. Click to see more pictures from this brilliant wedding at Brympton House.