Cherish the Dress Venice

Cherish the Dress Venice-01

Once the confetti has been swept away and the final ‘thank you’ note sent all that’s left for you to do is look through the photos of your special day and enjoy all of the memories.

Now imagine yourselves in one of Europe’s beautiful cities: Rome, Venice, Paris, away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding day. It’s the perfect time to get decked out in your gorgeous wedding attire and celebrate just how fantastic you both looked!

Whether you choose to Cherish the Dress (photos that take in all the details of your beautiful wedding outfit and celebrate how amazing you looked) or Trash the Dress (the chance to create dramatic images you’d never dream of capturing on the day for fear of ruining your dress) you’ll have dramatic and artistic images that speak volumes about you as a couple.

There are so many fun ideas that you could try out with a post-wedding session so get in touch to find out more or check out these images from a November bridal session in Venice.

Cherish the Dress Venice-02Cherish the Dress Venice-03Cherish the Dress Venice-04Cherish the Dress Venice-05Cherish the Dress Venice-06Cherish the Dress Venice-07Cherish the Dress Venice-08Cherish the Dress Venice-09Cherish the Dress Venice-10Cherish the Dress Venice-11Cherish the Dress Venice-12Cherish the Dress Venice-13Cherish the Dress Venice-14Cherish the Dress Venice-15Cherish the Dress Venice-16Cherish the Dress Venice-17Cherish the Dress Venice-18Cherish the Dress Venice-19Cherish the Dress Venice-20Cherish the Dress Venice-21Cherish the Dress Venice-22Cherish the Dress Venice-23Cherish the Dress Venice-24Cherish the Dress Venice-25Cherish the Dress Venice-26Cherish the Dress Venice-27Cherish the Dress Venice-28