Dartington Hall wedding photographer

Dartington Hall Wedding Photographer

dartington hall wedding photographer

It’s always fantastic to work as Dartington Hall wedding photographer. This unique medieval wedding venue in Devon has such beautiful grounds and setting. Above all, the grand Dartington Hall offers a spectacular space for the reception.  I am proud to be a recommended Dartington Hall wedding photographer by the venue, meaning I get to visit this beautiful venue quite often.

Becky & Jim were really impressed by photographs of the previous wedding that I photographed at Dartington Hall and contacted me. Discussing their plans for their wedding day, it was apparent that they are a fun couple and that there wedding will be quite unique.

The lovely couple, Becky & Jim, who got married on a beautiful and sunny day in May 2016, was blessed with some warm and sunny weather for their wedding day. The ceremony was very emotional and expressed the couple’s laid-back yet fun personality. The bride Becky and her bridesmaids looked stunning after getting dressed at her parent’s place which is not too far from the venue.

The dapper groomsmen didn’t let their side down either; they perfectly complemented the gorgeous bridesmaids. Flowers,  penguin buttonholes and table decoration were created by the very creative groom & brides’ family.

Wedding photography at Dartington Hall

There were lots of interesting guests at the wedding. Some Bride’s relatives came all the way from the Falklands Islands! It is worthy of note that the bride’s auntie is a professional photographer who photographed Mohammad Ali and other famous celebrities!

The bride and groom are both meteorologists and had the geographical coordinates of Dartington Hall engraved on their wedding rings instead of the date. The groom works in Switzerland, so instead of a cake, they had a unique 5kg Toblerone which I thought was very cool and something that I have never seen before.

After I had left, I created few evening portraits with the couple as the venue looks spectacular at night! It was really an emotionally charged event that had a stunning feel to it – especially later on in the evening.

If you are looking for Dartington Hall wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography requirements.

“Jim and I got married at Dartington Hall in May 2016 and had Martin as our photographer. He was amazing on the day and the photos are wonderful. I showed the wedding album to my Grandparents the other day and my Grandma remarked (again) how lovely Martin was. Can’t get better than Grandma approval so I feelt it worth mentioning in the review!

We saw his work online and I went to meet him at a wedding fair at Dartington hall. Jim works overseas so I went along to the fair with my Mum and Grandma where Martin and his work made a great first impression on all of us. To give Jim a chance to meet Martin before the day and just as a nice thing to do, we had an engagement shoot. If you are nervous about getting your photo taken (like I am) it is a great way to get used to being photographed and you get some adorable photos. Jim and I picked one of the photos to use as a signing frame, instead of a more traditional guest book on the day.

On the day of the wedding, Martin managed to make Jim and me comfortable in front of the camera, which is a small miracle in itself. We took some time to go and be cute away from the buzz of the crowd to have some couple photos done and that was one of the highlights of the day and gave some special photos. I grew up in Devon and went to Dartington as a child and going to the places I played as a kid as a bride was magical.

For the more formal photos, Martin organised my lot without anyone feeling ORGANISED. Most importantly he took the time to get the ‘feel’ of the day we were after and captured it on film. The photos make Jim and I smile every time I look at them and I know we will cherish the album Martin put together for us forever.

Finding a photographer was the most important thing for Jim and me to get right once finding a venue and we feel very lucky to have had Martin capture the day for us. ” – Becky and Jim