Destination Wedding Photographer UK

destination wedding photographer uk

As a destination wedding photographer in the UK, coming from Bristol and specialising in shooting weddings, engagements and after wedding sessions in Europe and worldwide, I have learnt that it is not the place that makes people look beautiful but people that make places so great.

Travelling to photograph a destination wedding is such a buzz.  It combines my unwavering love for photography with my passion to travel.  I also love meeting new people.  I have visited 50 plus countries myself and I just can’t stop!

Destination Weddings have taken me from the UK to Mexico, Italy, France, Portugal, Jersey, Poland, Morocco and even Wales ;)

I absolutely love travelling and treat each wedding as an adventure, whether it’s based in the UK or across the planet in the middle of a desert.

When it comes to weddings abroad, I think about people, happiness, joy, laughter, dance, traditions, rituals and much more. To capture all this in the form of photographs is what a good destination photographer can do for you.

I know it can be tempting to choose a wedding photographer local to the area where you’re getting married abroad but in my case my clients tend to choose me because they like my photographic style.

evening shot of a couple kissing in the rain in paris with the eiffel tower in the background

Destination Wedding Photographer UK

twilight shot of bride and groom at villa eliana in sorrento with capri island in the background

It’s likely your venue will recommend you a photographer and whilst this can feel the simplest option it can lead to quite generic and formulaic photographs. i.e. a photographer who delivers the same tired poses in the same old places week in – week out, year in – year out.

They also often only allow you to book them for a set number of hours on your wedding day whereas a destination wedding photographer will be there to capture the whole adventure from the pre wedding meal right through to partying into the early hours.

As experienced destination wedding photographers we like to arrive at least two days before the wedding celebrations to explore the area and the venue.

We talk with the venue staff, wedding coordinators and planners. But most importantly, we get to know our clients and their families (usually during rehearsal dinners or casual evening brunches or barbecues the night before the wedding).  This relaxed, friendly yet professional approach always results in relaxed and natural images that allow us to accurately and unobtrusively document your wedding day naturally as it unfolds. Documentary destination wedding photography at it’s best!

So, whether you’re planning a beach wedding in the Algarve, a chateau wedding in France, a castle wedding in Scotland or vineyard villa wedding in Italy.  Whatever the adventure you’re planning have fun with your planning.  And if you’re looking for an experienced destination wedding photographer UK then get in touch.

wedding couple on the top of the orange cliff at falesia beach on the algarve coast in portugal
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