Fusion Wedding at Old Down Estate

Wedding at Old Down Estate

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James and Nazuk were married in what is perhaps one of the most visually stunning wedding at Old Down Estate I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing.

Held in the lovely Old Down Estate, the wedding took place in August. The heat, the blue sky, the flowers and the joyous atmosphere all came together to create a truly memorable occasion. Naz and her bridesmaids celebrated with a henna party the night before, donning beautiful art work on their hands. She prepared for the big day at her parents’ house in Bristol. James, along with his groomsmen, wore traditional Indian robes for the ceremony. It was such a special occasion; seeing cultures coming together really makes fusion weddings some of my very favourites.

Fusion wedding at Old Down Estate

After some very touching speeches that left many in tears, or at least on the brink (myself included!), the bride and groom left the reception early by way of a lovely vintage car from Ken’s Kars. The sun began to set on the day as Naz and James left, husband and wife at last, and as I watched them drive away I was filled with a sense of hope. I wish Naz and James all the luck in the world!

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“Martin was absolutely fantastic at our wedding at Old Down Estate. His style was perfect with a mix of reportage/natural shots, some innovative artistic stuff along with the normal posed ones. We were extremely glad that we booked Martin. All our photographs speak of a wonderful story. The photo album nailed it for us – we had much more than we expected. Highly recommend Martin” – James & Naz