Outdoor wedding at Coombe Lodge

Outdoor wedding at Coombe Lodge

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One of the loveliest couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Brian and Elspeth decided to have an outdoor wedding at Coombe Lodge. I always enjoy going back to some of my favourite venues, and this beautiful wedding was no exception.

The bridge and groom both spent the day getting ready at the venue, which is one of the many things I love about Coombe Lodge. It’s wonderful to have everything in one place. Elspeth chose Powder and Paint for her makeup, Brides at Home for her dress, and their newlyweds decided on Dancin’ Easy for the band.

It was such a magical day, topped off by one of the more unique first dances I’ve ever seen. If you know anything about the lyrics ‘Because I’m Happy’ then you can guess how much fun it was! As well as the great music, the bride and groom had a photobooth and some creative evening portraits. They even decided to cut the cake outside, which was something I’ve rarely seen before.

I had such a brilliant time at their wedding, and I’m so thrilled to say that come September I’ll get to see the happy couple again; I’ll be photographing Elspeth’s sister’s wedding too!

If you are considering an outdoor wedding at Coombe Lodge please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your Coombe Lodge wedding photography requirements.

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“We booked Martin as our photographer for an outdoor ceremony at Coombe Lodge, near Bristol, and were absolutely amazed by both his service and the quality of the images, and he also managed to surprise us with a few small gifts thrown into the package. His style was perfect with a mix of reportage/natural shots, some innovative artistic stuff along with the normal posed ones. We were extremely glad that we booked Martin and he’s now about to be used again by one of our family for their wedding later this year. We’d highly recommend him.”

Elspeth & Brian