orchardleigh winter wedding

Orchardleigh Winter Wedding

Orchardleigh Winter Wedding

winter wedding orchardleigh

Lynne & Graham's Orchardleigh Winter wedding in Somerset was one dream come true when it comes to wedding days. Not just because of their shared love for both Winter and Christmas, but because these two really showed what their “happily ever after” was made of! A gorgeous Christmas wedding for one gorgeous couple, love was full on in the air with all of the family and friends in attendance.

What a gorgeous sunny day for a December Orchardleigh Winter wedding, and it followed right in suit with their theme “sweet”. Nothing was left to chance when it came down to all of the sweet details! Of course, let’s not forget the cufflinks Lynne’s Father wore down the aisle embossed with Always Your Little Girl that truly melted one’s heart.

The day started in the bridal suite with all the ladies in their sweet dressing gowns with Hair and Makeup by Dren. Lynne’s joy lit up the room as she sparkled in one amazing white gown. There was nothing quite as sweet as the look on Graham’s face when he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

The day was full of laughter, smiles and constant sweet moments that matched Lynne and Graham’s theme most perfectly. From the exchanging of their vows to the hilarious toasts filled with personal moments of love - no moment was left untouched by the infectious joy and love this couple share with one another, as well as their friends and family.

 Lynne and Graham’s wedding truly was one day to remember. Filled with fun-loving guests who were just as sweet as the sweets placed in wine glasses. Who doesn’t love a good Flake!? Their epic reception really did capture the essence of their special day, absolutely magical and full of fire. Once the dancing got under way there was no turning back from one day of endless fun.

Orchardleigh is one of the most exquisite Somerset wedding venues I have had the privilege to shoot at. Here you can find my previous wedding portfolio from Orchardleigh. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! I hope the years to come are full of even more laughter, smiles, sparkles - as well as a whole lot of love.

Whether you are planning an Orchardleigh Winter wedding, or are looking to get married elsewhere, I would love to hear from you to discuss your wedding photography requirements.

Orchardleigh Winter Wedding

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"Martin was a fantastic photographer for our winter wedding at Orchardleigh House in December. He was professional and made us feel very comfortable. The quality of his photographs are brilliant and he really listened to what we wanted. I would recommend Martin Dabek to anyone who wanted photographs taken for any event. We are so luck to have found such an inspirational photographer!!!!"  -  Lynne & Graham

orchardleigh wedding photography

Wedding at Orchardleigh

Orchardleigh Wedding Photography

wedding photography orchardleigh

Paul and Lucinda chose to have their wedding at Orchardleigh, which I find myself photographing quite often. It’s a truly stunning place that gives lasting memories to any bride and groom. Paul and Lucinda prepared for the big day at Orchardleigh, surrounded by their friends and family, before heading off to Holy Trinity Church in Bradford on Avon. The ceremony was gorgeous, and Paul and Lucinda were officially man and wife, we headed back to Orchardleigh for the reception. The weather was warm, matching the loving feel of the whole day, and the sunny skies above made it all the sweeter.

The newlyweds arrived in style with Vintage Wheels, and Lucinda looked dazzling in her Sassi Holford Taunton dress. The flowers were by Stephanie Saunders, the make-up by Nina Norman and the bridesmaid dresses were courtesy of Two Birds Bridesmaid.

Orchardleigh Wedding Photography

It was an all-round joyous day; the weather kept everyone in high spirits, as if they weren’t high enough already! I wish Paul and Lucinda all the joy in the world for their future together.

Orchardleigh is a private 500 acre Estate situated in the heart of stunning Somerset, 10 miles from the historical city of Bath. The Estate boasts a truly stunning 19th Century Victorian Stately Home with accommodation for up to 172 guests,  surrounded by a breath taking countryside landscape, beautiful gardens, 35 acres of ornamental lakes and an 18-hole Golf Course . This decidedly grand manor is one of very few across the entire South West that can offer literally everything the typical British wedding needs. Featuring not just one, but two churches within the estate, Orchardleigh is able to offer both Christian and civil ceremonies.

If you are considering getting hitched at Orchardleigh and you like my Orchardleigh wedding photography please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding photography requirements.

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