pennard house wedding photographer

Pennard house wedding photographer - Kate & Paul

pennard house wedding

I absolutely love to work as Pennard House wedding photographer so, sit back, relax and enjoy because this one is going to knock your socks off.

Kate and Paul, a lovely and fun couple, recently took their vows in Pennard House it was truly a dream wedding to remember! The love shared between this couple was palpable in the atmosphere, making this idyllic, country setting the perfect place for them to say “I do.” The venue is only a few miles away from the place where the famous Glastonbury festival takes place and with tipis, it was simply the perfect choice for Glastonbury festival goers like them. Kate and Paul got ready at the venue before walking to the Church of All Saints which is only a 2 minutes walk away from the venue. Very handy and no excuse to be late ;) Full of love, laughter, and joy, this couple had an amazing time exchanging their vows in the presence of their family, friends, and loved ones.

Pennard House wedding photographer

It was a perfect Pennard House wedding which wouldn't be as great without all the amazing supplier involved. Sharon from Interiors and Flowers by Design was taking care of all the floral design. Kate’s dress was by Charlie Brear from Perfect Day Bride and her hair was made by lovely Amelia from The Styling Lounge, Bristol. The team from Caroline Gent Catering was brilliant from start to finish. The food was delicious as always not to mention the presentation! It was Caroline itself who recommended me to the couple after seeing my images from the last wedding that we covered together.

Just after a meal, I spotted really nice light and took the couple for a 5 minutes mini session in tipi area just in time for a very entertaining sets of speeches in front of the house. At the reception, the DJ warmed up the guests with great music before the first dance and then the band took over afterwards. As a surprise to the guests, the couple hired Bucking Bronco which was a great hit! The couple insisted for me to have a go too, so I couldn't really say no ;)

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"We were recommended Martin for our wedding photographer by our caterer. He was wonderful to work with- he managed to work with all of our guests in an unintrusive manner and everyone thought he was great! We even managed to coax him on to the bucking bronco that we'd hired at the end of the night- we have the photos to prove it! Our photos are brilliant and he was great to work with. Thanks Martin!!"  - Kate & Paul

This lovely Pennard House wedding was featured in Vow magazine.

brympton house wedding photography

Wedding at Brympton House - Kate & Simon

brympton house wedding

Wedding photography Brympton House at it's best! Kate and Simon’s wedding at Brympton House was truly one heroic affair to remember! Full of magic and light, this couple spared no detail when it came to a day full of romance, love, laughter and joy. It had all of the qualities you want to photograph captured in one lovely wedding. The love and laughter shared between this couple, made this country house castle the perfect place for Kate and Simon to say “I do.”

The moment Kate stepped out of her bridal suite, in her stunning white gown accented with floral lace, I knew this Brympton House wedding was going to be special. Special moments continued to highlight the big day - especially the moment her Father saw her for the first time. His adoration for his beautiful daughter was just as stunning as Kate.

A traditional English ceremony, full of love and support from family and friends, there wasn’t a dull moment the entire day - even the moment they sealed their love with a kiss was purely magical. This lovely and fun couple from London were truly wonderful to photograph. The day was full of laughter and fun, especially since the Groom writes for stand up comedians! Their superhero wedding theme brought the entire day to life at Brympton House, where I have had the distinct privilege of photographing other weddings, but where this one stood out as exceptionally amazing.

Wedding photography Brympton House

Kate and Simon’s unique day was full of sweet moments, especially when all of the children in attendance arrived in full superhero fancy dress. There was also a blessing by the Groom’s Mum at The Temple. Before the meal, they shared a simple private moment with just the three of them and myself. The first dance was the funniest I have ever seen, and the band consisted of wedding guests including the best man!

What I love about this venue is that every part of the day takes place in a different place on the grounds. The ceremony takes place in the Castle House. A cocktail reception with games is hosted on the South Terrace. The gorgeous wedding reception takes place in the ballroom, and the cutting of the cake (created by Cakes by Samantha) happens in The Great Hall. Finally, an evening dance kicks off at The Stables - all elegant, classic, timeless places to hold one posh wedding affair to remember. All of the places were stunningly decorated and stylised by in house florist (Emily) and in house stylist (Ellie) from Tie the Knot.

It was a pleasure to work along Rich from I Do Film Weddings and Jacob Boodrie who was assisting me on this epic Brympton House wedding. Their fun-filled superhero wedding was also featured on Easy Weddings website.

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