West Weddings Shoot at The Moonraker Hotel

old manor hotel wedding_01

As much as I love the sincerity of a real wedding day, it’s nice to branch out and try something new every now and then. It was a busy year for me in 2014, and I was booked day to day throughout July. Luckily, there was a moment’s pause and I was happily able to join forces with West Weddings to bring you this photo shoot. It was a wonderful day all around.

On top of the team at West Weddings, I also got the chance to work with Kirsten of The Little Wedding Helper, who is a truly lovely woman and is brimming with ideas. The shoot took place at the Moonraker Hotel known as The Old Manor Hotel. The dresses were provided by Solitaire Brides, and every one was beautiful in its own way. Flowers came courtesy of Tin Can Floral, accessories by Bridezillas and hair and make up were thanks to Grace Kingsley.

Equally as stunning as the ladies, the menswear came from Anne Harding, and the delicious cakes were of Pretty Amazing Cakes. The two stars of our shoot were Dave and Stacey, and they really brought it all together.

It was such a gratifying experience, and getting to work with all of these wonderful people was so rewarding. In an industry like ours you never stop learning and I, for one, am thrilled to be a part of such an ever-changing world.

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