About Me

Hi! I’m Martin and I’m a reportage wedding photographer in the epic city of Bristol, but I shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad.

I live in a cosy house with my beautiful wife (teenage love birds), fun-loving baby boy (sleep thief) and stubborn Golden retriever called Lulu. My favourite things in the world are travelling and watching movies, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me walking with my dog, watching Netflix and planning my next trip. Nothing makes me happier than spending a weekend hiking in the mountains or visiting new places. That’s one of the reasons why I like to photograph at new venues and love destination weddings.

 I hate black coffee however I’m addicted to Mate (traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink) and I love Asian food!

My life highlights so far includes: getting lost in sandstorm on the Sahara, travelling overland from Europe to Nepal with boy scouts when I was 18, volunteering on organic farms and hitch-hiking for over a year in South & Central America.

My love of street and travel photography is what got me into wedding photography. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years (250+ wedding cakes eaten) and I absolutely love it. The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to watch people having a great time and take awesome photos.

My couples just want to have a good time, and the last thing they want is a photographer who makes them pose all day and takes over their wedding day. My wedding photography style is relaxed and creative. I capture all the joyful and little moments, and let you get on with having a fabulous day. For me the best part about a wedding day is the portrait session (day & evening), because it’s a chance for you to have a breather and for me to be creative.

Your wedding is all about enjoying yourself. You don’t care about worrying about the little things that don’t matter or ugly chair covers – you just want to have an amazing time with your friends and family.

If this sounds like we would be a good fit, and you don’t think I’m a total weirdo (or maybe you do and you like it!) then get in touch!

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